How the Lemon Blennd Gift Box is changing Lives !

We produced the Lemon Blennd Gift Box for those looking for that special something for that Pittsburgher who may live far away from the Steel City !   It includes a 22 ounce bottle of Lemon Blennd Concentrate which makes a full gallon of that Iconic Taste of Pittsburgh.  It comes in its own wooden gift box complete with the Lemon Blennd Imprint form Keagy’s Pharmacy on Perrysville Avenue in Pittsburgh.  It’s closed with a lemon glaspe and is wrapped in a holiday bow! A great little box for jewelry or whatever when that great taste of Blennd is gone.   Shipping is free to any location in the Continental United States  It is reccomended you keep Blennd Concentrate Refrigerated once it is opened.  But few people have that problem, because as Mom always said, it won’t last long, once kids young and old find out there is a pitcher of Blennd in the Frig.   Grab the Gift Box for Gram and Gramps this Holiday Season.  We are offering two Gift Boxes for $99.00 through the Holidays with Free Shipping and Handling!

The ancestors of Edwin Keagy thank-you for your support.  As you can see from below….The Gift Box is changing lives!!


“It was 1966 and my first job at 5th-Ave Isalys and I tasted my first Lemon Blennd.  Because I traveled with the United States Air Force my family and friends would bring me some at every reunion or family get together. Today it arrived here  in California. I’m now 66 and it came from my son.  It’s the first time I have seen it  in 30 years!    I cried!! .  Thank you from a true Pittsburgher”

Evelyn in California

       SEND ONE TO GRANDMA OR GRANDPA—“They’ll Love it”cropped-IMG_1286-e1473337871404.jpg

Buy the Gift Box

Buy the Gift Box

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