Reymer Brothers Candy—Financial Trouble 1932

Reymer Brothers Building 1425 Forbes Avenue- Pittsburgh

By 1932, the once powerful Reymer Brothers Candy Company found itself struggling amid the Great Depression. In fact some reports indicate the longtime confectioner was losing as much as $200,000. dollars a year. A hefty sum in the 1930’s. The Company Headquarters at 1425 Forbes Avenue was a giant facility on the Pittsburgh Bluff that the company built in 1910. The Forbes and Pride location was suffering due to a lack of demand, and a summertime slowdown because of the difficulty of storing chocolate in the heat. Enter Lem-N-Blennd. The Agreement between EJW Keagy and Reymers in 1932 would put in motion a life saver, to help keep the candymaker afloat for nearly another 30-years.

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