Pittsburgh Food Traditions

Lem-N-Blennd first surfaced in 1914 at a time when Pittsburgh was busy with it industrial revolution. While Edwin Keagy did his best to quench the thirst of Pittsburghers from his northside Pharmacy, it wasn’t until the end of the 20’s and early 30’s that the food and drink landscape in Western Pennsylvania was growing and changing.

Reymer Brothers helped put Blennd on the map, but there were other iconic Steel City Food Traditons that Pittsburgher’s still hold near and dear to their hearts.

  • Isaly’s Chipped chopped Ham
  • The thinly-sliced ham made its debut in 1933 at Isaly’s Dairy Stores!
  • The Klondike Bar
  • The Clark Bar
  • The D. L. Clark Company was born in two back rooms of a house in what is now Pittsburgh’s North Side in 1886.
  • Iron City Beer – Pittsburghers drink Iron. If they were lucky they’d get an Imp and an Iron!
  • Devonshire Sandwich
  • Primanti Brothers Sandwich