The Lemon Blennd Story

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This site is dedicated to the history of Reymer’s Lemon Blennd.

This page was created by family relatives of Edwin and Margaret Keagy. Our Grandfather, Great Grandfather, Great Great Grandfather and Great Great Great Grandfather was a prominent pharmacist whose unique beverage caught the imagination of generations of Pittsburghers. His role has remained sidelined behind the names of Reymers and Heinz.

The goal of this site is to tell the story through his eyes from its creation in 1914 until his death in 1961. Through this website we hope to hear from you also. Your memories of Lem-N-Blennd and how it played a role in your life.

We were saddened and alarmed to learn of the halt of production by the current owners in late 2022.  We can only hope that the iconic drink of our childhood will soon return to the people of Pittsburgh and Blennd Lovers Worldwide !    We encourage your voice to be heard at the LemonBlennd Facebook page!

Tom Griffith/Administrator

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