The History of Lemon Blennd

Edwin and Margaret Keagy

Welcome to the new History of Lemon Blennd site.  Lemon Blennd is the iconic concentrated drink once produced by the Reymers Candy Company of Pittsburgh Pa.  Later produced by HJ Heinz, and still available from Bymes & Kiefer of Pittsburgh.  But few people know where Blennd orginated,  At Keagy’s Pharmacy at 2823 Perrysville Avenue on Pittsburgh’s Northside.  The Year was 1914.   Search through these pages and learn how a common Pharmacist created a concentrated drink that the people of Pittsburgh fell in love with.  His journey to promote the product. His decision to sell 15 years into the project.  His commitment to work for the new owner, while holding a piece of the action.  The decison then again to sell to HJ Heinz.  In these pages, you’ll see the contracts !  The game plan for expansion.  Leave a comment, ask a question.  We’ll try to fill the voids.  We are the ancestors of the man who invented “Lemon Blennd”

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