Where to buy Lemon Blennd Today !

Lem-N-Blennd was first sold at Keagy’s Pharmacy on Perrysville Avenue in Pittsburgh Pa. In the late 20’s Edwin Keagy reached an agreeement with the “Reymer’s Candy Company” of Pittsburgh to offer his services as a partner and salesman with Reymer’s to expand the product throughout the region. In 1959, a struggling “Reymer’s Company” bought out Keagy and sold “Lemon Blennd” to “HJ Heinz” who continued to distribute the product until “Byrnes & Keifer Company” of Callery, Pa aquired the rights and continues to manufacture the product today. The ancestors of Edwin Keagy, have developed this web site to educate and promote the product..and make it, and other Blennd artifacts available for sale at www.LemonBlennd.com

Trouble Filling the Kentucky Orders—Michigan Calls 1942

FROID Laboratories of Grand Rapids Michigan writes October 30, 1942 trying to get Blennd put in its Crystal-Icer Despenser The customer— White Tavern Shops, Lexington, Kentucky. ECW Geistart of Froid writes Keagy “ordered 3 cases from Reymers on September 16 with their check of $19.40…the check has been deposited…the White Tavern Shops have not recieved […]

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